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Company janitorial needs are rarely one-size fits all. That’s why we offer personalized service and custom janitorial supplies for all of our Louisville clients. We offer an extensive range of janitorial cleaning products and supplies, paper products, can liners, and cleaning equipment from all major manufacturers. We also have smaller specialty brands from across the country, ensuring that we will always have you covered, no matter what kind of janitorial supplies you need.

Unlike most suppliers, here at Brute, Inc. we are also a professional cleaning contractor. This means we don’t just sell the products, we actually use them too.  Our decades of cleaning services give you the added benefit of our firsthand knowledge of the products.

Proper janitorial supplies are necessary to keep your workspace or office clean, as well as keeping employees and customers safe and healthy. We know from real-world experience the products that work and the ones that don’t, in order to provide you solutions you can count on.

Bathroom Paper Products

Restroom hygiene and cleanliness are often the basis upon which a business is judged. If the bathroom is a mess, it makes the entire company look unreliable. Many guests will say the bathroom left more of a lasting impression than the actual product or service.

For safety reasons, having the correct restroom hygiene, paper products, and conveniences are essential. Our restroom products cover a broad range of restroom maintenance and janitorial items that can be used to restock your custodial closet or janitorial cart.

  • Stock your Louisville, KY bathroom with paper products and janitorial supplies.Premium vs. Budget Brands: We offer premium brands for executive offices, as well as more economical brands for bulk purchase. All premium lines of paper products and supplies come from brands such as Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific, while our value lines include Boardwalk, PrimeSource, and General Paper. All of our commercial cleaning products and janitorial supplies are available as individual units or in bulk by the case.
  • Bathroom Accessories: This category includes a variety of accessories to increase convenience and add an additional service to your facilities. Janitorial supplies in this category include items such as automatic soap dispensers, toilet/urinal mats, feminine hygiene receptacles, dispensers and products, and toilet seat cover dispensers. These products are designed to make using the bathroom easier for your guests and cleaning the restroom easier for you.

All of our bathroom products and supplies can be used in office buildings, shipyards, food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, offices, schools, hotels, shopping centers, and any other public gathering place in Louisville or surrounding areas.

Gloves and Disposable Safety Items

We provide the best in disposable safety items and janitorial supplies that must be both reliable and economical. The type of glove you need depends on the level of protection required by the job.

Nitrile Gloves: Our superior choice glove is Nitrile. These are the perfect compromise between latex and vinyl. Nitrile gloves are made out of synthetic rubber, and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern. Nitrile gloves are a medical grade glove superior to other materials when it comes to puncture resistance, making them perfect for demanding applications.

Other Glove Options:

  •  Latex gloves are made out of rubber and are a popular choice for both medical and industrial use. They are slightly more comfortable than Nitrile gloves and give the wearer more dexterity and touch sensitivity, making them popular in hospitals. However, with an increase of latex allergies, latex must be used carefully.
  •  Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the food industry. They are less durable and have a looser fit than either latex or Nitrile, but they are the least expensive option. They work well for short-term, low-risk tasks like serving food where high levels of durability and protection are less of a priority.

Let us help keep your facility clean and your reputation spotless!(502) 568-8879

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment

We provide a wide range of janitorial supplies, cleaning products, and equipment for every surface and every application. Not only do we believe in the products we sell, we actually use them ourselves. As a cleaning contractor, we have the opportunity to use each product and test it before we sell it. This allows us to give you professional recommendations and wholesale pricing.

  • Industrial Equipment: We make floor cleaning easy with high-quality industrial equipment for both large and small businesses. Our mop buckets, handles, and floor scrubbers provide an easy solution for even the biggest jobs. We also specialize in quality new and used cleaning equipment such as low and high-speed buffers, auto scrubbers, and vacuums. This allows small businesses in Louisville to get the equipment they need without paying high sticker prices. Our catalog is available with our full product line. Contact us today for more information.
  • Commercial Cleaning Chemicals: We carry products from the brands you know and love like Clorox, Lysol, Procter & Gamble and many more. Because we use the same products we sell, we can help you find the glass cleaner, bowl cleaner, floor solution, and disinfectant that actually works. Good chemicals, used correctly, can make even the grimiest mess easy to clean up fast.
  • Industrial Cleaning Chemicals: Our partner company, Landrum Chemical Industries, provides custom blended industrial cleaning chemicals. This allows you to choose the color, strength, scent, and packaging. Whether you need an all-purpose cleaner, degreasers, hand soap, D-Limonene cleaners, auto-scrub solution, or caustic cleaners, custom blending is an option you won’t find anywhere else.

Other Janitorial Cleaning Supplies:

At Brute, Inc. we are proud to offer a wide variety of janitorial supplies for Louisville, Ky, and the surrounding areas. Let us be your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your business clean and reputation spotless.  

Can liners: All popular types, sizes, and thicknesses of can liners are available from Jaguar, Fortune, RollPak and other popular brands. We also carry our signature line of Penny Lane industrial strength thickness liners for industrial and manufacturing applications. We can even create custom runs and prints to make your liners truly unique.

Hand Soaps & Hand Sanitizers: Maintaining a high level of hygiene is critical in any facility. We offer a variety of hand soaps and hand sanitizers and accompanying dispensers to provide clean hands to both guests and employees.

Odor Control & Air Fresheners: One sniff can tell you whether a bathroom is fresh and clean, or stank and neglected. Our odor control and air fresheners keep the fresh scent of a clean bathroom longer, despite heavy use throughout the day.

Facility Maintenance and Safety Equipment

While taking care of building maintenance, your mind is usually focused on taking care of the job at hand. However, personal safety can be a huge liability if not handled correctly. We provide a variety of materials, equipment, and janitorial supplies to address personal protection, equipment safety, and hazard awareness.

Janitorial supplies in a Louisville, KY business office.These items include:

  •       Wet floor signs
  •       Safety glasses
  •       Dust masks
  •       Fire extinguishers
  •       First-aid kits/ Eyewash

Trust Only The Best. Trust Brute, Inc.

Being prepared with exactly you need when you need it is key to staying safe and clean. It is always better to have extra than run out of essential janitorial supplies on the busiest day of the year. Brute, Inc. serves the Louisville area, as well as the rest of Kentucky and each surrounding state for janitorial cleaning supplies and chemicals. We help you find exactly what you need because we know what works. Call us today to stock up!

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