About Us:

Brute, Inc. was founded back in 1976, by George Soete. The company name derived from a pressure washer line he originally distributed, as George quickly took interest in the cleaning work that was being performed in the manufacturing plants that he was selling pressure washers to.

An investment into the JAN/SAN arena lead to the birth of a well-rounded business, that serves all aspects of the cleaning world, from the toughest industrial cleaning jobs to JAN/SAN products, paper, and cleaning supplies, to support all customer needs.

That well-rounded business is Brute, Inc., who has proudly been in business for 44 years now.

In 2002, George brought his son, Jeff, on board to work for the company as Vice President. George’s daughter, Christie Wilson, has been the Accounting Manager since 2004. Covering two generations, bringing his children into the company helped George complete his vision of growing a family owned and operated business.

Founder, George Soete

Owner and President, Jeff Soete

George Soete passed away in 2015. He was loved by so many people, and prepared Brute, Inc. so well for the next generation and many more years of business to come. His son, Jeff Soete, took over the company and has been Owner and President since 2015.

Who We Are:

Today, we at Brute, Inc. strive to continue our growth as a leader in industrial and commercial cleaning in Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas. Our devotion to customer satisfaction has lead to long-term business relationships with some of the more prominent businesses in the state.

It would be a privilege to speak with you more about who we are and what we can offer. Let us help you put your facility’s best foot forward!

Is It Time To Clean Up Your Act?

Trust only the best. Trust Brute, Inc. to clean up every mess. Every time.

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