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    Our quick response time allows us to come in and get to work right away, so we can get the job done around your schedule.

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    Brute, Inc. is the lower overhead, low-cost alternative to keeping your facility clean, 24/7, 365.

  • Individual Estimates

    Let us help you stay within your budget, as all our prices are quoted on an individual/custom basis.

  • Personalized Products & Services

    We offer personalized and custom services, supplies, and products, so we can give better give you EXACTLY what you want.

It’s a great feeling when business really takes off and the orders are coming in abundantly, it’s what you need to keep your business going. But it also requires additional warehouse staffing, distribution facilities, or maintenance personnel. Avoid all the hiring and training headaches, all the paperwork and additional costs.

You need the right people in the right place and the right time to get the job done quickly and efficiently and we can make that happen for you. At Brute, Inc, we supply your light industrial staffing needs. We hire qualified individuals and train them so they come to you ready to solve your temporary or permanent staffing needs.

It’s Who We Are

Brute, Inc. has been providing industrial cleaning services and products to Louisville, Kentucky for more than 37 years. Our family business has grown to include all aspects of the industrial cleaning and staffing world. Our name is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and safety. Our devotion to customer satisfaction has lead to our making and maintaining long-term business relationship with many of the prominent businesses in Kentucky.

How Our Industrial Staffing Works

Brute, Inc. has a staffing force of employees who are qualified and ready to meet your needs. We hire them, pay them, and cover their insurance and benefits. We provide UI and Workman’s compensation for all our workers. Then, when you need some extra help, you give us a call and we send out who you need. Employees can be hired on a temporary, seasonal, part-time, or full-time basis, whatever you need. We focus on the greater Louisville, Kentucky area so you know your employee will be familiar with your company and are available to you locally.

We treat every client based on your individual needs with an unsurpassed customized approach to ensure that you get the best fit for your needs. Once you have the right employee, you train them for the specific tasks and areas of responsibility you need them to fill. They work alongside your regular staff and fill in the places you need support.

Let us help keep your facility clean and your reputation spotless!(502) 568-8879

Our Industrial Staffing Services

Brute, Inc. has a group of highly qualified and well-trained employees who are ready to step into your operation immediately. Many of our employees carry a wide range of certifications and licenses to ensure their safety and yours.

Our industrial staffing agency focuses primarily on providing staff for manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, warehouses, and other industrial applications. We provide you with employees who are trained in electronic assembly, mechanical assembly, medical assembly, general assembly, and line production. We offer specialists in packaging, fork life operation, janitorial services, warehouse work, machinists, fabrication, and more. We can also provide supervisors and general laborers.

We Are Efficient, Effective, and Safe

We understand how important it is to keep things running smoothly, so hiring our staff members keeps the flow going and helps you handle things your way. We are effective and organized so that we can help you cover whatever you need. And we take safety seriously. We comply with OSHA and industry safety standards. Our professional employees are skilled and extensively trained to bring competency and safety to your workplace.

You have enough to do without having to spend hours poring over resumes or dealing with the frustrations of out-of-state employment agencies who don’t understand your needs and the climate of your business. We get you. We’re here with you. Let us provide the talent and connect you with the professional industrial and manufacturing staffing that you need. At Brute, Inc, we are committed to seeing that your job is done right.

To learn more about our industrial staffing solutions, contact us today at 502-568-8879!

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