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From messy production floors, stinky locker rooms, greasy equipment, and sticky floor cleaning, some jobs require more than a basic office housekeeping. Even the best in-house cleaners aren’t qualified for industrial cleaning services.

Unlike normal cleaning service jobs, industrial cleaners in Louisville use advanced technical skills to fix big messes. Industrial cleaning usually involves a chemical solution, designed specifically for industrial applications.

Industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, power plants, distribution centers, and other types of industrial facilities need this type of cleaning to cut through tough grease and grime. No two jobs are the same and each one requires experience and expertise.

Industrial vs. Commercial Cleaning

We offer industrial floor sweeping services in Louisville, KY.

Industrial cleaning is not the same thing as commercial cleaning. While both industries provide cleaning services, commercial cleaning is designed for the front office, retail space, restaurants, schools, etc. Industrial cleaning services are for manufacturing plants or warehouses, distribution centers, industrial equipment, etc.

Brute, Inc. offers local and reliable professional industrial cleaning services to the Louisville, KY area for manufacturing plants, warehouses, production facilities, and more. We are qualified to service specialized clean lines and presses, as well as provide other cleaning services specifically for your floors, restrooms, and break rooms located in your facility.

OSHA Standards for Industrial Cleaning

More than 145,000 people work in over 7,000 warehouses across the country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 to ensure safe and healthful working environments. To do so, they enforce strict standards that are industry-specific. Industrial cleaning practices are a huge part of keeping warehouse and factory workers safe every day.

Slips and Falls

Warehouse safety across the country, and right here in Louisville, relies on a clean and clear work environment. Slips, trips, and falls were the second leading cause of nonfatal occupational injuries or illnesses involving days away from work in 2013, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces Standard (1910.22(a)) states that all workplaces should be “kept clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.” The rule includes passageways, storerooms, and service rooms. Floors should be clean and dry. Drainage should be present where “wet processes are used.”

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Fire Hazards

Manufacturing or warehouse fires can be caused by excess oil, debris, dust, or the misuse of combustible materials. According to OSHA Standard 1910, Combustible waste should be “stored in covered metal receptacles and disposed of daily.” A mismanaged, cluttered, or unclean work environment contributes to unsafe storage of dangerous chemicals.


Common dust can also be a fire hazard. From 2008 to 2012, there were more than 50 serious accidents involving the buildup of combustible dust at factories across the United States. Dust accumulation of about the same thickness of a paperclip over just 5 percent of a room’s surface poses a significant explosion hazard, according to the Quincy, MA-based National Fire Protection Association.

Simply using a shop vac or dry sweep won’t contain or control dust. Industrial cleaning with vacuums that clean walls, ceilings, and machinery are preferred because they are more effective at eliminating dust rather than simply spreading it around. For a job that complicated, you need a professional on your side.

Tracking Materials

Work area mats are an often-neglected part of industrial cleaning that can spread hazardous material throughout the facility. If your mat is dirty, it can be a trap for contaminants, and a tripping hazard. Additionally, if you don’t use professional industrial cleaners, you risk cross-contamination by using the same mop to clean multiple areas, tracking oil or spills from one place to another.


Any incident at your warehouse or manufacturing facility will likely result in an OSHA investigation/audit. Having records of your cleaning procedures can protect you from serious liability. An industrial cleaning service will provide you with schedules, reports, and receipts to help maintain your reputation if necessary.

Other OSHA requirements for many industries are provided as follows:

  •     Emergency spill response requiring sophisticated cleaning techniques to control the pill and prevent further damage.
  •     Tank cleaning for factories and manufacturing industries with silos, tanks, or storage facilities.
  •     Clean and sanitary services involving blood and other potentially infectious materials.
  •     Regular cleaning and fall equipment and working surfaces.
  •     Food industries sanitation to ensure consumer protection.

Brute, Inc. offers industrial janitorial services for your Louisville, KY facility. Industrial Cleaning and Your Work Environment

Aside from keeping your workers safe from bodily injuries and serious harm, a clean work environment can also protect you and your employees from getting sick. Worker illness and injury cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Research shows that a clean work environment has been proven to increase production by improving employee health and morale. There are several additional benefits when industrial cleaning is a priority:

  1. First Impressions: You never know when a client, customer, or contractor will stop by unexpectedly. A clean and tidy environment instills confidence in your skills and creates trust from the very beginning.
  2. Air Quality: Especially in warehouses, manufacturing, and factory work, air quality is a big concern. Industrial cleaning on a regular basis is a great way to improve the overall air quality of your facilities.
  3. Happier Employees: Clean areas help to keep employees safe, healthy, organized, and efficient. Helping to ensure a healthy and safe workplace can improve your bottom line and improve employee retention.
  4. Productivity: When your employees can find the equipment and supplies they need, it directly increases productivity. No longer are you wasting time trying to find something or clearing something else out of the way so you have space to work.

Why Brute Inc?

Industrial cleaning services are a highly specialized field. Our industrial cleaning is compliant with all federal standards and provides you a clean and safe environment for your Louisville facility.

Our professional employees are highly qualified and receive extensive training to ensure competency and safety on every job. We treat every customer based on your individual needs, providing an unsurpassed customized approach using the latest technologies and industry knowledge.

Leave the dirty work to us. For industrial cleaning services, call us at Brute, Inc. today for more information.

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