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Getting the surface clean and maintaining safety requires careful and professional use of industrial cleaning chemicals.

At Brute, Inc. we offer the best specialty industrial cleaning chemicals and custom solutions to keep Louisville companies clean and polished. We provide everything you need to stay running clean, including degreasers, soaps, floor cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners. We specialize in environmentally friendly, water-based, industrial cleaning chemicals for safe products that get the job done. Every time.

Different Types of Industrial Cleaners

Nearly every Louisville company will have some type of industrial cleaning requirements. Industrial cleaning chemicals are an important method of the design, build, and supply process because industrial products must be completely clean in order to function correctly. Having a reliable source for cleaning and degreasing is critical to prevent any damage or harm caused by dirty operations.

  • Degreasers: A high-quality degreaser has endless applications. In manufacturing, kitchens, transportation, or even general industrial or commercial cleaning, a degreaser is designed to cut through grease. There are several types of degreasers such as water-based, acids, alkaline, disinfectants, solvents, and green products. The best degreasers get the job done without leaving a residue behind. You’ll get the best results by knowing the right degreaser for the job:
    • Concrete: For removing oil and grease off of a concrete surface, you’ll need an alkaline cleaner that is diluted. Concrete is naturally porous and can be difficult to keep clean without a specialized degreaser designed to pull out grime and dirt.
    • Kitchens: Cleaning a kitchen requires products that are not harmful or dangerous to use around kitchen appliances and equipment that will be later used to handle food. To remove stains, splatters, grease, and grime, it will require specialized degreasers. Even the difference between vegetable oil and animal fat can alter the degreasing formula.
    • Mechanical: For the automotive, aviation, or other transportation industries, degreasers can be used to keep your fleet clean. Removing road film, hydraulic grease, carbon stains, and engine grime requires a degreaser specialized for these moving parts.
  • Floor Cleaners/Auto Scrub Cleaners: Often times, water is not enough to cut through the grease, grime, and dirt left on the floor after a long day. Specific solutions for cleaning floors are customized based on the flooring material and the type of business. An automatic floor scrubber needs a powerful and heavy-duty cleaner that doesn’t produce a lot of foam. Because we create customized products, we are able to provide a solution that works for your floor type, your industry, and your equipment.
  • General Industrial Cleaners: Too many business owners choose an all-purpose cleaner without really considering the ingredients or intended use. At Brute, Inc. we are able to customize your own all-purpose cleaner for your specific industry or location. General industrial cleaners and industrial cleaning chemicals can either be water based, solvent based, or a hybrid.

Cleaning supplies and chemicals in Louisville, KY. Water-based solutions are recommended because they are safer to use than other harsh industrial cleaning chemicals. Water-based industrial cleaners are classified by their pH level. Higher pH levels are best for removing mineral stains and soap scum while lower pH levels work for fats, oils, and greases. A pH level of 7 or above typically does well for most general surface cleaning.

  • D-Limonene: This is a relatively new player in the industrial cleaning game. D-Limonene is sourced from citrus rind, which gives it a distinct scent. As the rind’s juice and oil are separated, the oil is used to create D-Limonene.

Once it’s ready for use, D-Limonene makes a great natural degreaser for kitchens, cars, and tools. It also works to clean hard surfaces, remove stains, clean electronics, and as a fabric pre-wash. D-Limonene seems to be the holy grail of cleaning products for its sweet smell, oil-and grease-eradicating properties, and powerful but gentle cleansing power. New ways of using this product are discovered almost daily.

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Custom Blended Cleaning Chemicals

Historically, industrial cleaning typically involved highly regulated chemical solutions that emit gas and vapors and are dangerous to use. Brute, Inc. is working to provide eco-friendly alternative products that are both effective and safe to use in and around Louisville, KY.

Our custom, water-based industrial cleaning chemicals are designed for effective cleaning and environmentally friendly solutions, blended to your specifications.

  • Scent: Nothing is more off-putting to customers than an overpowering scent of industrial cleaner. We strive to create a scent that is both pleasant and unique to your business.
  • Color: Want to customize your cleaner so it’s easy to see what is used in the bathroom and which one is for the kitchen? We can do that. Make it easy to keep your cleaners organized and be sure you’re using the right one for the right job with color customization.
  • Strength: The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all in the cleaning world. We help you understand what you need and give you a cleaner specifically formulated to get the job done without any harmful effects.
  • Size: No job is too big or too small for a customized solution. You can get your cleaning products in bulk, or in smaller sizes for smaller spaces. Whatever you’re cleaning, we have the products to get the job done right.
  • Private Labels: Your custom solutions are uniquely yours and we label them as such. Your private labels on your own solutions is the ultimate in custom cleaners and chemicals you won’t find anywhere else.

Industrial cleaning chemicals in Louisville, KY.

Chemical Safety in the Workplace

With any industrial cleaning chemical, safety must be a number one priority. Each chemical in each cleaning solution, even water-based solutions, have a unique set of hazards. Minimizing chemical exposure, while emphasizing worker safety and chemical hygiene are central to a safe work environment.

OSHA specified certain elements for any chemical hygiene plan. These specifications include the following:

  1.    General SOP: Create a Standard Operating Procedure for the safe handling of cleaning chemicals.
  2.    Air Flow: Ensure air quality is not compromised.
  3.    Housekeeping: Keeping your space tidy can prevent accidental spills.
  4.    Storeroom Safety: Keeping the stockroom organized and chemicals safely stored promotes order and safety.
  5.    Tools: Check all equipment before use to ensure you have the right tools for the job.
  6.    Spill Response: Understand how to properly prevent, contain, and handle spilled chemicals.

Find an Industrial Cleaning Chemical Supplier Near You

Being prepared with the products you need is key to staying safe and prepared for whatever happens. Brute, Inc. serves the Louisville area, as well as the rest of Kentucky and each surrounding state for industrial cleaning supplies and chemicals.

All of our prices are quoted on an individual basis, so we can create a custom cleaning plan formulated just for you. Because we have lower overhead costs than most big box stores, we provide a low-cost alternative to get you quality products for less. Call us today to stock up on all your industrial cleaning chemicals!

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