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Salt Means Safety

As the leaves turn autumnal colors and the apples are crisp off the trees, it is time for businesses and cities to turn their attention to preparation for winter weather. December through March are the snowiest months in Louisville but snow can arrive as early as October and it is best to be ready with a snow removal plan and equipment in place. Safety is an important factor in how you can keep your commercial driveways and walkways clear during winter storms. Professional contractors, landscapers, municipalities, and businesses trust Brute, Inc to supply them with the best deicing products at the best prices.

Our melting salts are the perfect companions to snow plowing for your snow removal concerns. We are a top supplier for landscaping and snow removal companies, providing you with pallets of product that you can use to ensure your clients of safe and effective snow and ice removal. We supply businesses who do their own ice removal in-house with large quantities of ice melt for their needs and we work with municipalities to provide bulk deicer options.

How Ice Melter Works

Louisville Ice MeltDeicing products may contain one or more of the following chemicals: sodium chloride (salt), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride. These compounds attract moisture to create liquid brine. The brine melts as a lower temperature than the ice and snow and so it begins to melt. Morton Visible Professional Grade Ice Melter combines rock salt with calcium chloride, the lowest temperature melter, for a product that works when road temperatures are as much as fifteen degree below zero.

We offer a variety of Knox and Morton ice melter and our experienced professional suppliers will work with you to provide you with the perfect product for your needs, including those for extremely cold conditions, environmentally sensitive clients, and more. Our ice melt works quickly on light layers of ice and penetrates deeply to melt accumulated ice. Tests show our deicer melts longer, even nearly an hour after application, and is effective in sub-zero temperatures. We help you determine the melting salt with the correct melting point, melting speed, price, and ease of use that is right for your business situation.

The Benefits of Deicer

Our environmentally safe ice melting products will not burn lawns, trees, or shrubs, and work without leaving an unsightly residue. They are safer and cleaner when inevitably tracked on floors and carpets and do not damage boots or gloves during use.

Knox and Morton deicer products are less harmful to concrete and asphalt surfaces than simple rock salt, when applied according to package directions. The uniform-size granules make our products easy to apply and increase their melting power. By reducing your labor times, your profit margins increase while you provide your customers with protection against potentially dangerous slip-and-fall accidents.

Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Ice Melt

We recommend applying ice melter when you know a storm is coming so as to prevent the ice and snow from accumulating, forming an icy bond that is harder to remove later. Even after a light snowfall, fluctuating temperatures cause melting and refreezing, resulting in hazardous black ice. Ice melt is especially effective during cold overnight temperatures.

Let our experienced employees help your company be prepared for winter with pallets of Knox and Morton deicing products. We are dedicated to making you a highly satisfied customer and to supporting your business needs.

To learn more about our ice melt products, contact us today at 502-568-8879!

Product Size # / Pallet
Morton Salt – Saf-T-Salt 50# 49 bags
25# 100 bags
Morton Salt – Saf-T-Salt 25# 100 bags
Morton Salt – Professional Grade – Ice Melt Blend 50# 49 bags
Morton Salt – Professional Grade – Ice Melt Blue 50# 49 bags
Knox – Remove Ice Melter 10# 200 bags
4/12# 40 cases
20# 100 bags
40# 48 pails
50# 42 bags
Knox – Ice Melter 50# 42 bags


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