Louisville Janitorial Cleaning Supplies


We offer an extensive range of janitorial cleaning products and supplies, paper products, can liners, and cleaning equipment from all major manufacturers. We also have sourced smaller specialty brands from across the country, ensuring that we will always have you covered.

Our unique position of being both a cleaning contractor and JAN/SAN supplier means we have ample experience in using the same products that we sell, allowing us to have decades of firsthand knowledge of the products that work and the ones that don’t.

  • Paper Products and SuppliesPaper Products

    All types of paper products from brands such as Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific. Fantastic value lines like Boardwalk, Primesource, and General Paper. Whether it’s premium brands in executive offices or more economical brands for bulk purchase we have everything you need!

  • Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

    JAN/SAN Products

    Wide range of JAN/SAN cleaning products from Clorox, Lysol, Proctor & Gamble and many more! Catalog available with full product line. We also specialize in quality new and used cleaning equipment such as low and high speed buffers, autoscrubbers, and vacuums.

  • Commercial Can LinersCan Liners

    All popular types, sizes, and thicknesses available from Jaguar, Fortune, RollPak among others. Our signature line of Penny Lane industrial strength thickness liners are perfect fit for industrial and manufacturing applications and are very aggressively priced. Custom runs and prints available.

  • Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

    Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

    We proudly represent custom blended industrial cleaning chemicals from our partner company, Landrum Chemical Industries. All purpose cleaners, degreasers, hand soaps, D-Limonene cleaners, auto-scrub solution, and caustic cleaners just to name a few. Custom blending with customer input on color, strength, scent, and packaging are our specialties! 275/55/15/5 gallon containers available. On site pumping options available.

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